Chesa Trais


La Punt

The renovation project aims to preserve and enhance this historic property with its original characteristics, in particular through the use of fine woods and antique windows. The house is completely rebuilt, with an expansion of volumetry to ensure maximum comfort and using only the best installations, materials and accessories.

South–West Facade

South–East Facade

North–West Facade

North–East Facade

The house also offers large common areas in the basement, a ski room with private area for each apartment, a laundry room with appliances and individual storage areas, a gym, a spa area with sauna and turkish bath, an own cellar for each apartment and a large garage with special areas for the storage of bicycles and skis.

Common Areas – External

Guest parking 2x
Garden 1440 m2

Common Areas - Internal

Net surface

1 Garage 351.0 m2
2 Bike/Ski Storage 32.5 m2
3.1 Storage Apartment 1 11.0 m2
3.2 Storage Apartment 2 10.5 m2
3.3 Storage Apartment 3 9.0 m2
4 Corridor/Entrance/Stairs/Elevator 43.0 m2
5 Changing Room 36.5 m2
6 Gym + Garden Access 21.0 m2
7 Sauna + Turkish Bath 21.0 m2
8 Laundry 15.5 m2
  • Apartment 1
  • Apartment 2
  • Apartment 3